Justin Perez


Was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He was a student at Texas School for the Deaf. He has always been fascinated by American Sign Language (ASL) performance art and storytelling styles. Throughout his teenage years, he had incredibly deep bonds with several of his close friends who also enjoy sharing a variety of ASL stories, and that was where he defined numerous storytelling techniques along with sign language expressions. The more he shared his stories with the public; the more people have asked him to continue sharing his stories.


That was the fuel to his creativity and innovative persona in pushing new ASL performance boundaries and art. He quickly realized this type of work is something he is passionate about, particularly the field of ASL. Justin started receiving offers and opportunities all over the world, including being a Visual Vernacular (VV) teacher at Texas School for the Deaf, ASL tutor at National Technical Institute of the Deaf, ASL model and expert with TRUE+WAY ASL curriculum, and many more. 


Most recently, he won the ASL Elements national ASL competition with his fan favorite, a Super Mario Kart story. He ultimately aims to bring his new ASL performance art to the ASL World. Overall, Visual Vernacular is his speciality and favorite performance style! Justin is available for presentations, workshops, modeling, performing and potential contractual work. Interested? Please feel free to contact him!